Pape Persike & Partner     

Legal Services


Pape Persike & Partner provides legal services in national and international civil law. Thanks to our focus on specific areas of expertise, our clients know they can expect comprehensive and reliable legal advice, counselling, and representation.

In addition to private building law and architectural law, our law firm's main areas include providing legal counsel and advice in property insurance and third party liability law. Moreover, the experience we have gained from looking after the interests of renowned insurance sector clients over a long period guarantees realistic and sound advice both for insurers and policyholders.

Property law, and family, inheritance and employment law are further main areas in our work, both as lawyers and notaries. Two experienced civil law notaries can guide clients through all the issues relating to founding private or limited companies and the notarisation of contracts in property law. Our client base, which has largely been with PP&P over a number of years, testifies to the high levels of satisfaction and trust in the overall customer services that we provide.